From Savannakhet to Danang by night bus

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I have already shared the story of my bus trip from Danang to Savannakhet. This time I want to talk about the opposite direction.

So there are two types of direct buses from Savannakhet to Danang / Hue area.

  1. day buses that start in the morning
  2. night buses that start at night

Day buses from Savannakhet to Danang / Hue

  • Savannakhet - Hue | 8:00 | 110 000 kips | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Savannakhet - Danang | 9:00 | 150 000 kips | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Here, I must mention that there is an daily morning bus from Savannakhet to the Lao-Viet border (Dansavan on google maps) at 7:00. It is easy to cross the border on foot and there are good chances you will have a bus to Dong Ha just after leaving the Vietnam border checkpoint in Lao Bao. They also have buses to Guangbinh and Hanoi (?). Check timetables and fares of Savannakhet Bus Station.

Night buses from Savannakhet to Da Nang / Hue

  • Savannakhet - Danang | 21:00 | 110 000 kips | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Savannakhet - Hue | 21:00 | 90 000 kips | Thursday, Friday

How it was, traveling by night bus. Report

When I wanted to buy a ticket for a night bus at Savannakhet Bus Station, the ticket office staff smiled and recommended traveling by a day bus. Much more comfortable, they meant.

I wanted a night bus not only because the ticket was cheaper. I calculated that day buses arrive at Da Nang Bus Station around or after 6 p.m. when public city buses to the Danang city center are not already available. That means paying around 110 000 Vietnamese dongs (40 000 kips) for a taxi...

The ticket office people suggested me to talk to the guys who were preparing the night bus...

They were loading sacks with some tubers in them... Super busy... And I decided not to talk...

I came back to the bus station several hours later, around 20:00 i.e. one hour in advance. And I was right - the bus departed at 20:30.

There were, as I remember, 4 rows of chairs (capable to accommodate 16 people) in the front part of the vehicle. The rest space of the bus was free of chairs and was taken by sacks and boxes.

Night Bus Savannakhet - Danang

There were 8 passengers (Lao people only) including the staff so everybody has two chairs. So good!

(It was Wednesday, weekends can be different).

One more detail. Night buses Savannakhet - Danang / Hue arrive at the Laotian-Vietnamese border around 2 a.m. wait for the opening the border in the morning.


Sleeping during a night bus trip is usual but like this ... in the old bus with a small group of people in the full silence on the dark parking lot while raining ... I felt myself a character of Walking Dead... In addition, the tubers from the luggage compartment under the floor .. jets of pungent smell of rotten onion made me feel sick... 

The things were like in the fog ... Too early, sleepy... The driver sent me to the border to cross it (around 7 a.m.?) and it was not easy to understand what should I do after that, where to wait and so on ...

Lao banks don't sell foreign money inside the country, only on the border but, here, the bank was still closed - too early for banks. So you better exchange Lao kips in Savannakhet in one of money exchange offices before the trip. As I did.

So ... Vietnamese customs officers checked every tuber, I guess, so I waited for the bus for 1.5 or 2 hours. I was endlessly standing right out of the Vietnamese border ... Just in the middle of some mud among scurrying people like villagers, truck drivers, street vendors, money exchange hawkers and so on...

So this is it. In Vietnam, we visited many places to deliver different types of... shit ... So the trip was very long.

We arrived at Da Nang bus station around 4:30 p.m... Here, I took a public city bus #1 Da Nang - Hoi An to reach Da Nang downtown. I didn't know then that I would take this bus many times and I would even make scandal fighting against the scam once in the nearest future...