Vietnam visa in Savannakhet, Laos in 2019

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Vietnam Consulate in Savannakhet

In 2019, the Vietnam Consulate moved into a new building and the visa rules changed.

Location of Vietnam Consulate in Savannakhet

The Vietnam Consulate moved in the very beginning of 2019 into a new building (on the photo).

At the old location, they left a weird map to show where to go. It looks like a map but it works as a sign so don't think the North is on the top of the map... Just follow arrows as if it was a road sign... Otherwise, you will walk long like me ...

The address of Vietnam Consulate in Savannakhet, Laos is

Santiphad Road, group 38, Phonxavangtay village, Kaysonephomvihan city, Savannakhet Province, Lao P.D.R.

Phone number of the Vietnam Consulate:

(00.856) 41.212.418

Local people made frightened eyes when they see the address. (However, Santiphad Road is known, it is a large new street.)

Thanks to Target supermarket staff who, after a discussion about the address and trying to draw a map, just transported me by motorbike to the Consular (no money).

The new location of the Vietnam Consulate on the map:

And the link for those who are in need of the link to the location:

It means that the Consulate is very near to Savannakhet Bus Station - 10 minutes to walk at most.

Rules for Getting Vietnam Visa in 2019

3-month single entry Vietnamese visa costs 55 US dollar. In 2019, it is not possible to get this type of visa the next day as it was in 2018.

I applied for a visa on Tuesday and got a visa on Friday.

They told me a 3-month multi-entry visa costs 95 USD.

Office hours from Monday to Friday: 8:00 - 11:00 & 14:00 - 16:00. Saturday and Sunday: closed.

I have seen no other people applying - no lines, thank god.

As before in 2018, they just asked me

  • 1 photo. They chose a large one from my photo collection, not sure the exact size, sorry.
  • 55 USD

You fill the application form, give them a photo and pay money. They don't take away your passport on the day of applying for a visa. You keep it. Which is so good.

On the day of getting a Vietnam visa, you bring your passport and they stick a visa into it.

I say "they" but this is actually "he", a nice person who worked with me in 2018 too.

My traveling background before applying for Vietnamese 3-months visa

I just arrived from Danang by bus after my 15 days by stamp had ended. I immediately applied for a visa and got no inquiries about it. In autumn 2018, I already had a 3-month visa and spent 2 months in Vietnam in autumn 2018 and this causes no questions. What a welcoming approach! Thank you, Vietnam! (And shame on you, Thailand!)


This was what I wanted to tell. Have a good trip for a visa! Write a line, if you have anything to say._)